Thompson Center Encore Endeavor .50 Caliber , Stainless Steel Fluted Barrel, Realtree AP Camo Finish,


Thompson/Center has improved its already impressive Encore Pro Hunter with the addition of the Encore Endeavor. Equipped with the revolutionary features of the Pro Hunter, the Endeavor goes even further with its beautiful detail and added innovation.

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The Endeavor includes Speed Breech XT, the only breech plug that can be completely removed by hand with only a 90 degree rotation. Energy Burners are included in each FlexTech stock these strategically placed spring coils are designed for greater movement and energy absorption, reducing stock shock and vibration up to 50% while reducing noise up to 20 decibels.

Brand: Thompson-Center Arms
Caliber 50 Black Powder
Manufacturer Number 5724
Model -
Rounds -
Classification Firearm