Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter XT , 28" Barrel ,Weather Shield Black ,Composite Flextech Stock


Thompson Center is proud to introduce the Pro Hunter XT Weather Shield series of muzzleloaders. Utilizing Weather Shield technology, Thompson Center was able to take the hottest muzzleloader on the market today and make it more affordable than ever.

  • SKU: 917423202580210385

Featuring Speed Breech XT and the Flex Tech System, the Pro Hunter XT is the finest choice for any hunter. As with all Pro Hunters the Weather Shield barrels and frames will also interchange with stainless and blued components of any Pro Hunter or Encore platform rifle or muzzleloader. The Pro Hunter XT is available with Black or AP Camo stock finish.

Brand: Thompson-Center Arms
Caliber 50 Black Powder
Manufacturer Number 5744
Model -
Rounds -
Classification Firearm