Magtech First Defense .38 Special +P 95gr , Solid Copper Hollow Point, 500Rds


The enhanced "Justice" version of Magtech's SCHP solid copper hollow point adds a thin coating of tin to the standard SCHP for higher energy levels and reduced barrel wear. SCHP projectiles deliver deep penetration and devastating expansion. The 100 percent solid copper projectile delivers virtually 100 percent weight retention, which makes it perfect for law enforcement, home defense and personal protection.

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Category : Self Defense Ammo
Caliber : 38 Special
Bullet Type : Solid Copper Hollow Point
Bullet Weight : 95 GR
Muzzle Energy : 247 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity : 1083 fps
Application : Performance/Protection
Casing Material : Brass
Rounds : 50
Boxes : 10

Brand: Magtech
Caliber 38 Special
Manufacturer Number FD38A
Rounds 500
Classification Ammunition