Kriss Vector Short Barrel Rifle ,SBR , 30rd, Black


The KRISS Vector CRB/SO is an ATF-approved, 38-State legal (folding stock), 16" barrel semi-auto version of the KRISS Vector SMG. The KRISS Vector CRB/SO shares the same milspec frame, Super V operating system, materials and rugged housing as the KRISS Vector SMG. Same light weight.Same maneuverability. Same simple and easy to maintain Super V mechanism that reduces felt recoil by more than 60% and reduces barrel elevation by more than 95%. If your goal is put more rounds on-target, more of the time, then the CRB/SO will exceed your every expectation and demand.

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Max. effective Range: Group 100m

Groupings 25m: 2.5 cm
Groupings 100m: 30.5 cm
Meets/exceeds TOPS/MILSTD 810F.
Advanced metal components: A2 and 4340/4140 chrome-moly steel alloys heat hardened/manganese phosphate treated with aerospace 7075/6061 hard-anodized aluminum alloys.
Aerospace polymer components: Lightweight injectionmolded housings of 15% fiber-reinforced Ultramid (tm) Nylon 6/6 composite alloy treated for toughness and environmental protection.
Full line of KRISS accessories including M16x1 LH barrel threads and suppressor.

Brand: Kriss
Caliber 5.56x45mm
Manufacturer Number KSBRB0800101
Model 45 ACP
Rounds -
Classification Class 3