Buffalo Bore Ammo Rifle 45-70 Gov JFP 405gr , 500Rds


Buffalo Bore offers a 45-70 ammunition that is externally identical to SAAMI spec 45-70 ammo, but internally it generates far more power and pressure. So, their 45-70 ammo will fit into any 45-70 firearm, but is not safe in every 45-70 firearm. Its use should be limited to the following firearms: All Marlin 1895 (1895 Marlins are all model 336 actions, chambered in 45-70) iterations made since 1972, all Browning 1885 and 1886 copies, Rossi Rio Grande, New England Arms Handi Rifle, T/C Encore, ALL falling block actions made of modern steel such as Ruger #1 and #3, Shiloh, Christian and Persoli Sharps, all Winchester 1886 iterations made since 1915 and all Siamese Mauser bolt actions.

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Category : Centerfire Rifle Rounds
Caliber : 45-70 Government
Bullet Type : Jacketed Flat Nose
Bullet Weight : 405 GR
Muzzle Energy : 3597 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity : 2000 fps
Rounds Per Box : 20
Application : Large Game
Casing Material : Brass

Brand: Buffalo Bore Ammunition
Caliber 45-70 Government
Manufacturer Number 8B
Rounds 500
Classification Ammunition